Oct 10, 2010

More and more lately I've been thinking of buying a bike. My father at one time owned an all-black, Fat Boy Harley-Davidson. I know it sounds cliche, but i'll never forget the first time I took his bike for a spin...The feeling was serene, almost hypnotic as I cruised off road and just soaked in the beautiful country scenery.

On a beautiful fall sunday like today it would be a perfect time for one of those cruises. I would really like to get a vintage style Triumph or Indian. I've always loved the classic look of those bikes...besides doesn't the guy with a motorcycle always get the girl or two in McQeen's case.


Junctioned said...

I've been flirting with getting a vintage cafe racer of some sort myself. The lack of a garage is kinda hurting my situation though.

HOT + COOL said...

Yeah man- Same problem here..May just have to park it inside. Ha..