Jul 26, 2011

This song hit me the right way with the temps reaching over the 100s all week...

"Summer night in Harlem, man it's a really hot
Well it's too hot to sleep, and I'm too cold to heat
I don't care if I die or not."
-Bill Withers

Jul 22, 2011

"I bet there's rich folks eating from a fancy dining car
They're probably drinkin' coffee and smoking big cigars."
-Johnny Cash-

Jul 20, 2011

RIP Bruce Lee 20 July 1973
Baker. Rain. Coffee.

You've been so forgetful
A kind of a stop and go forgetfulness
That bothers me

I once had a netful
But you've been forgetful
And i'm never kissed
And it bothers me

Never any romance
No chance
And it bothers me

And someday
When you are regretful
You'll wish you had tried much less forgetfulness
You'll be upset

And forgetful
Won't be able
To forget

Jul 5, 2011