Jul 27, 2010

I've really been wanting to pickup a pair of dark brown cowboy boots for the fall. The ones Dylan are wearing in the photo are perfect.

Jul 25, 2010

"I'm not here to raise hippie consciousness, I'm here to wet some panties." - Jaco Pastorius

Jul 23, 2010

I've always been inspired by the cool album covers of bands like My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins. The dreamy, ethereal sounds mixed with their illusive imagery has always influenced me in some way or another in my music or art...Recently my boy David came through to visit in Atlanta and we snapped some pics (below) we will be using for an upcoming project...

Jul 20, 2010

Felt like rockin' the vintage gold SEIKO Bell-Matic. Throwback 80's. Throwback cool. Gold felt good for a change..

Jul 19, 2010

"If our history can challenge the next wave of musicians to keep moving and changing, to keep spiritually hungry and horny, that's what it's all about."
-Carlos Santana

Spent most of the weekend at my place working on some new music and er..drinking...(helps loosen you up, right?) Needless to say, I didn't get out much and when I woke up this morning, the sun was shining bright with a light breeze and got me in the mood for Santana...Santana has always been one of my top musical influences. The song "Transcendence" is one of those songs that just blows me away everytime I listen to it...

My setup before practice...

Jul 16, 2010

It's all in the details. Notice the two watches..I suppose there was some purpose for this but with Picasso you never know. We post on Picasso quite often. There's reason for this.

What's everyone up to this weekend? I hope to unwind from another atrocious week. I Picked up a bottle of Australian Rose Sangiovese which was so strange I had to buy a bottle, I hope to break into tonight with some company I have in town..I met the Vinter at Costco of all places and he signed the bottle..pretty rad.

Jul 13, 2010

"Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is."
-Jackson Pollock

Jul 12, 2010

Required Listening: PULP

Been listening to a lot of Brit-Rock group, Pulp lately...Pulp was underrated and never seemed able to achieve the commercial success that they should have, perhaps they were way ahead of their time. I like all of their stuff but below is one of my favorite tracks from one of their newer albums, This Is Hardcore.

Jarvis Cocker the lead-singer also had an awesome style and was wearing the cool plastic frames and fitted suits before it became popular. Cocker defines the British rock look.

The band is currently on hiatus and Cocker has released a few solo projects and also made a cameo in Wes Anderson's, Fantastic Mr. Fox as the voice of Petey. Apparently Wes Anderson was a big Pulp fan. Thought that was pretty cool.

Jarvis Cocker, PULP frontman

Jul 6, 2010

Florence Flare

Only the flare of Florence could pull off the tee shirt worn with a pocket square. The soft, light colors are what make this outfit to me...Gotta dig the cool wrist accessories also. Picture via (The Sartorialist).

Staying with the italian theme "Estate" originally titled "Odio l'estate" ("I Hate The Summer") is a worldwide jazz standard largely through bossa nova master João Gilberto...an Italian song written in 1960 by Bruno Martino and Bruno Brighetti is a personal favorite of mine for summer..enjoy!