Jul 12, 2010

Required Listening: PULP

Been listening to a lot of Brit-Rock group, Pulp lately...Pulp was underrated and never seemed able to achieve the commercial success that they should have, perhaps they were way ahead of their time. I like all of their stuff but below is one of my favorite tracks from one of their newer albums, This Is Hardcore.

Jarvis Cocker the lead-singer also had an awesome style and was wearing the cool plastic frames and fitted suits before it became popular. Cocker defines the British rock look.

The band is currently on hiatus and Cocker has released a few solo projects and also made a cameo in Wes Anderson's, Fantastic Mr. Fox as the voice of Petey. Apparently Wes Anderson was a big Pulp fan. Thought that was pretty cool.

Jarvis Cocker, PULP frontman

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