Nov 19, 2009

The Pocket Square

The pocket square dates back all the way to ancient Greek times when wealthy aristocrats wore perfumed hankies to protect themselves from the stench of the streets and to wipe away the tears of a damsel in distress. By the 1900's a gentleman never left the house without a pocket square. Today, the pocket square has gone the way of top hat and tails but this is one accessory that can add quirk and flair to any suit or sports coat.

There are several ways to fold a pocket square, the most popular is the straight fold which is the pocket square folded in half and stuffed in the breast pocket. I prefer the puff fold which is attained by pinching the middle of the pocket square and stuffing it in the breast pocket. Try a high-quality silk or linen pocket square for best results. You never know when you'll need to wipe the tears of a woman who just got her heart broken by the uncultured bastard who wasn't wearing a pocket square.

Straight Fold

Puff Fold

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