Nov 8, 2009

How to Handle Yourself in a Bar Fight

The worst possible place to get in brawl is at a nightclub or bar, but let's face it, we've all been there; a guy bumps your shoulder, mouths off and before you know it you're on the 5th grade playground again talking about each others mother's and bumping chests. The liquor and testosterone is pouring through his veins and your seconds away from screaming, "Adrian!"

But the bar is different than the ring and on the street. There are bar stools, glasses, innocent bystanders and a big bouncer named Tiny at the door who isn't so tiny. So, what do you do? Here are five ways to handle yourself in a bar fight without looking like a chump:

1. Tom Petty was wrong: There's no shame in backing down. Of course this is not always possible but try and stop a fight before it begins at all costs. Bar fights are dangerous and can get you banned from an establishment or even worse, jail time. Try offering a handshake and walking away from a potential fight, if this doesn't work then alert a bouncer or manager. If this still doesn't work put your dukes up and see number 2.

2. Time is NOT on your side: Take a few steps back to analyze your opponents weaknesses and then spring into action. Be swift and hit with short direct punches and take another step back. Remember the elbows. Elbows can be thrown from any angle and sometimes more effective then a punch. Bar fights are unlike any other you want to get out of there as quickly as possible before his boys show up or worse yet, the boys in blue.

3. Oh, no he didn't: Oh, yes he did. Give a fast kick to the growing and your opponent will go right down. Most intoxicated bar brawlers leave their stance wide open and this will bring him right down. Keep in mind, you aren't trying to win style points here. You're trying to kick his ass and get the hell out of there.

4. Unleash the beast: Unload every combat fighting move you know, you have about 30 seconds until the adrenaline rush wears off. Protect your growing area and your face. If you're wearing glasses, take them off. Hitting someone in the Adam's apple is also a good way to bring someone down quickly and gasping for air allowing you to leave the situation.

5. Elvis has left the building: Before you even get in a fight try and locate the exits quickly. You want to be out of the bar as soon as Palooka hits the ground.

Disclaimer: Fighting can land you in jail, or worse dead. Think extremely hard before getting in a fight. Is it worth it? Worse case scenario try not to swing first. Hitting first is usually grounds for assault no matter who was at fault.

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