Jun 22, 2010

Italian Weekend

It's been a hectic week...vehicle issues and work stress but the weather is beautiful and the weekend is here! Gonna unwind with friends, have a good bottle of wine, watch the cup and enjoy life. I've been getting the urge to travel again and I'm zeroing in on Italy.

I've been to Milan and enjoyed it but I think I need to visit Rome, Florence...the artistic cities. Chet Baker, an American jazz trumpeter lived in Italy many years and is a legend there as he is here. Above is a rare-clip from a song he did for an Italian film Urlatori alla sbarra.. Enjoy!


Junctioned said...

Great post. Chet's the man. Sad story but brilliant career. I'm a little partial to Miles but have had much respect for what Chet contributed to jazz. I hope you get to Italy. I'm working on a plan to get to France in the hopefully not to distant future.

David said...

Thanks man..yeah, I discovered Chet when I was working at a record store in college and was hooked. Checkout a flick on Chet called, 'Let's Get Lost' by Bruce Weber..good stuff. Yeah, Italy is in the works.

I'm thinkin' I may hit Spain though for the tomato throwing festival in August though. We shall see..France is sick. The south and of course Paris are a must. All them jazz dudes really dug Paris, especially Miles.