Jun 29, 2010

So every know and then I will catch something really extraordinary on NetFlix instant watching and sometimes...well...sometimes I just wont. Herb & Dorothy (2008) was extraoridnary and a great documentary. The story of Herb & Dorothy is a facinating and inspiring one. Herb & Dororthy are the least likely of art collectors, Herb is a reitred postal worker and Dorothy is a retired libraryian.

The couple lived on Dorothy's salary in a tiny rent controlled apartment in Manhattan and amassed one of the most amazing Minimalist art collections on Herb's salary. The couple became a mascot for the New York art community and proved that you didn't have to be wealthy to appreciate and purchase art.

The Vogel's sometimes befriended burgeoning artists and supported them during the lean times and once they became famous sold the Vogel's art at a discount. Through the years the Vogel's collected some 4,700 peices before they decided to catalog and donate them to the Washington National Gallery of Art. It only took five 40-foot trailers to haul it.

Great story. Below are five places to purchase affordable art and start your collection online. Be sure to also checkout your local galleries and just like the Vogel's did befriend new artists who you think have potential and pickup some of their early works at a discount.

Keep in mind that it's all about buying what you like and not what you think we'll be worth money. In the end the Vogel's donated their whole collection and made nothing. The art they had amassed would've been highly valuable but for the Vogel's it was all about aesthetics and not about what they thought would sell.

1. Print Society
2. Print Collection
3. The Beholder
4. Circuit Gallery
5. Eyestorm

Top 5 list via Brain Pickings

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