Feb 26, 2011

Little Walter

Having lived in Mississippi for a few years and the co-author of this blog being from there...the blues has always run deep through our veins. I woke up this morning to some black coffee and some gritty 50's blues (my favorite era of blues). Guys like Muddy Waters, Little Walter and Howlin' Wolf speak to me on a level I can really understand now being 30.

These guys had a story to tell and they told it through their music. I can still remember those long hot sweaty summers in Mississippi and the time I heard real Delta Blues coming from a BBQ restaurant in the distant...It was the sound of heartache, hard-drinking, hard-living and repression, it was the sound of the blues...and I liked it.

Little Walter, My Babe (Single Version 1955)


dressingup-everyday said...

I especially like your descrption of the blues: the sound of heartache,hard-drinking, hard-living...I love the blues

HOT + COOL said...

Indeed...growing up in Mississippi when I was in high school...the blues never really leave you...