Dec 9, 2010

My Winter Essentials

1. Chanel Bleu Cologne
2. Camo Prada wallet
3. Aviator Sunglasses- Purchased at a gas station in Milan, Italy
4. Jack Black Moisterizer SPF20- For the harsh winter months


Junctioned said...

Ha! Gotta stay moisturized! I've been wondering how that Chanel smelled as it's been getting a lot of press in the Men's lifestyle world. I've been actually using Hermes' Hermessence Ambre Narguile unisex scent which I've really been enjoying. Cheers!

HOT + COOL said...

Dude- Go pickup Bleu man. It's one of the best scents that's come out in a while. Chanel usually doesn't put out a scent unless it's really good. You know how the French are. Ha. I need to check out the Hermes.