Nov 18, 2010

Night with Pacino

This past Tuesday I was able to see legendary actor Al Pacino at the Dallas Winspear Opera house for the Brinker International Forum. For 2 1/2-hours Pacino talked about his passion for Theater and Film took Q&A from the audience and gave several brilliant readings.

Throughout the forum I kept thinking how Pacino is pretty much the same on screen as he is off screen. At times Pacino seemed to forget the moderator was there and leaped out of his seat to describe a story or a new project in full animation. My favorite part of the forum were the readings which he recited from E.E. Cummings to several other film scripts. It's not often you get to see such an iconic figure in such an intimate setting.

Unfortunately, during the readings there were a few people that walked out early (apparently they felt 11pm was too late for them). This was obvious to Pacino who seemed quite perturbed. After his last reading without further adieu he exited the stage without a goodbye. But what do you expect? It's Pacino. You gotta problem with that?

On stage in Dallas at the Winspear Opera House


Junctioned said...

Wow! What a great experience to be had. Pacino is definitely a Icon.

HOT + COOL said...

No doubt man...amazing performance...