Sep 3, 2010

Spotlight: Jason Schwartzman

Just picked up the latest Nylon Guys article on Jason Schwartzman and I thought it was really good. I've always been a Schwartzman fan since Rushmore but I really envy the guy. In the article it talks about Schwartzman starting out as a musician with his band Phantom Planet and really embracing that until he got approached for Rushmore. Since Rushmore just like cultivating his style for music he has been crafting his style for movies. The magazine noted that Schwartzman sometimes reads up to 10 music blogs a day and tries to watch one movie a day.

The magazine compares him to a young Dustin Hoffman and I must agree. Schwartzman has a great comedic onscreen presence without being over the top. Schwartzman who is recently married also finds time to still record music as Coconut Records, which if you haven't heard yet is great. The above shots are from a 2009 lookbook for fashion label, Band of Outsiders. Check out the article in Nylon Guys if you get a chance. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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