Aug 19, 2010

Miami Style

My crew Rod and Gavin and me in the middle

Myself and my boy Mike sippin mojitos off of A1A..

On the way to the beach..

The Whispers- Rock Steady, 1987

Just got back from visiting Miami for the first time..and I must say, I'm still adjusting. There is something so iconic about this city, it amazed me. The neon lights, beach, women and cars brought me back to my childhood when I would watch Miami Vice. To me Miami will always be frozen in the 80's.

I snapped a few pics while I was there but didn't have much time for pics with all the beach and bar hoping. The Whispers track I threw on here came on a throwback station as we were driving into the beach. The song fits the vibe perfectly. You really can't listen to anything else in Miami other than 80's rock and r&b; it just wouldn't be right..

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