May 12, 2009

God Save The Record Store

Who doesn't remember the thrill of going CD hunting?? Every Friday evening I would go to the record store for hours...rumaging through stacks and stacks of CDs. Through my youth I would discover Floyd, Hendrix, The Stones, Beatles, Ramones, Pixies and countless other little gems over the years.

After I picked up a CD I would rip the tough plastic with my teeth seering the package and sliding the shiny disc into my player. The best was being totally blown away by a track for the first time. The record store was therapy...nothing to do on a Saturday night? The record store. Breakup? The record store. Just got paid? The record store.

I can't help but be old fashioned but every time I drive by a closed down record store I see a part of my youth rip away. God save the record store!

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